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Walter F. “Chip” Morris

Photo courtesy of Carol Karasik

It was a sad day when I received the news that my good friend and extraordinary investigator of Mayan textiles and culture had passed on to another dimension. Over the years Chip and I worked with Aid to Artisans and the Barro sin Plomo project together. We travelled together in Chiapas, Michoacán, Guanajuato and Mexico City visiting exhibits, interviewing artisans, researching, investigating, but more than anything enjoying each others company and knowledge. Chip was always ready to open many doors for me, whether for my tour groups or just me and a friend in Chiapas. The memories of spending hours in the church of San Juan Chamula, listening to the musicians, watching the rituals and drinking pox, will live with me forever. Adios my friend. QEPD