Arts and Crafts of Mexico Chloe Sayer
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Arts and Crafts of Mexico by Chloë Sayer

Arts and Crafts of Mexico by Chloë Sayer, first published in the United States by Chronicle Books in 1990, is the “go to” book for information on Mexican Folk Art. Whether you are a novice and just beginning to learn about Mexican Folk Art or a diehard collector, this book […]

Mascaras Mexicanas Roberto Montenegro
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MASCARAS MEXICANAS – Roberto Montenegro

MASCARAS MEXICANAS by Roberto Montenegro is the first book published devoted entirely  to Mexican masks. The book includes text by Roberto Montenegro, Xavier Villaurrutia and Ramón Mena and was printed by Talleres Gráficos de la Nación in 1926. The first edition was 2500 examples consisting of 134 pages and 47 photographic plates. […]