Negrito Mask Nurio Michoacan
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Negrito Masks of Michoacán

The negrito masks of Michoacán are used for the Danza de los Negritos. The mask and dress vary depending on the community. These dances are performed in San Lorenzo, Nurio and Ocumicho for the pastorelas and in Uruapan for the fiesta or feast day of Santa Magdalena. Below are several examples and the fiesta for which they are used. You can witness these impressive dances and masks in either of the following tours, A Tour of Pastorela Dances in Michoacán – New Years 2018 or Pátzcuaro, Santa Magdalena and the Purépecha Mountain Villages

Pastorela – Nurio, Michoacán

Negrito Mask Nurio Michoacan

Pastorela – Ocumicho, Michoacán

Negrito Mask Ocumicho Michoacan

Pastorela – San Lorenzo, Michoacán

Negrito Mask San Lorenzo Michoacan

Fiesta de Santa Magdalena – Uruapan, Michoacán